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One way to help get a "new" edition of these type of publications would be for one of the many who are interested in this to offer to set up a website that collects information on early Mustangs. Jim might be inclined to publish new information if it could be gathered via the net. Those of us who were part of the original information gathering process for theese books can remember flooding Jim Smart and Jim Haskell with thousands of notes, little scraps of paper with numbers and letters poorly written on them, 3 x 5 cards with a dozen data plates transcribed on them, just an amazing number of hard to read notes of any kind you can imagine. I still do not know how they organized all of this raw information for publication. They deserve a gold star for that job. How about one of you guys that have the skill stepping up to the plate with an offer to "build" an modern website for specific information. Jim may or may not want to be involved, he alone must decide that, but you can bet that any information gathered will be put to use by many of us. Any offers or suggestions? Maybe the new MCA website has plans for or would consider including this, I do not know or want to step on someones toes, and if this is the case please say so. No matter what the mechanism it seems a good idea to have easy access to input historical info about Mustangs. This stuff is slipping away quickly and preservation is needed if we are to continue growing our hobby/passion/ibsession. We have technology to instantly input this stuff along with photographic proof, and many other benefits that were unheard of when the first "In Search Of" books were written. Comments?

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