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Anyone ever run a 289 Lemans cam?

Looking for experienced people here.

Anyone run the 289 Lemans cam (#C7FE-6250-A) before?
What was it like?
Anyone run it in an Auto?

I have heard that this cam, despite it's somewhat aggressive seeming profile on paper, has a very good low end, decent idle and manors you'd expect from a hot OEM cam.

I will have 3.55 gears and a 2400 stall. I could go lower on the gears. Maybe even 3.89 if necessary. Or I could just run the 289 HiPo cam. I'm trying to decide.

I do not want to hear, "you should run this generic Comp grind or call xx and get a custom grind," please. I just want to hear from people who have ran this cam. It is between those two cams. Period. I am not considering other grinds. Call it nostalgia.

Here's the rest of what my engine will have:

289 C-Code Shortblock
1968 302 J-Code heads with about a 51-ish cc chamber and ported exhaust
Scorpion Roller Rockers
Edelbrock Performer RPM Manifold
Edelbrock 600cfm carb
TRI-Y headers
Shelby GT350 side exit style exhaust in 2.5"
Boss 302 Windage Tray
Compression should be about 9.5:1

I plan to have it dyno tuned.

I'm going for as much HP as possible but with a very nostalgic look, sound and feel. If that costs me a little HP and some street manors it's worth it to me.

1965 Mustang
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