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15" or 17" wheel?

I know this question has been beat to death, but I'm really struggling with this wheel choice, mostly due to the limited summer tire choice in the 15" size. Car is a '68 FB 302 stock front disc brakes.

Objective: Good handling street car with respectable open track capability, but I am not interested in stuffing crazy wide meats under the car - I don't want to deal with any potential rubbing issues, so I'm trying to limit myself to a 225 width (maybe up to 245 for the 17)

The engineer and hard core racer in me tells me I need to stick with 15" wheel since it clears my brakes, and minimizes rotating mass.

That would be an easy choice, except the only summer tires I'm finding on Tire rack are in the 23" OD range - great short sidewall for handling, but will my relatively larger '68 look completely goofy with such a small diam tire? It is lowered approx 1.5" front and 1 " rear.

Am I missing out on some good high performance 15" street tires in the 24.5" - 26" OD range? I suppose that would dictate a relatively large sidewall which kind of defeats the purpose of the high performance tire.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading and I appreciate any feedback.
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