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Originally Posted by tx65coupe View Post
You could look at 16s. They fit better than 17s anyway.
Can you please clarify if you are referring to visual look in terms of 'fit better' or if you are referring to some limitation in the car design preventing 17s from fitting properly?

You know something like "Hey did you know that when you put a 16x8 wheel on the front of the mustang you have a limitation and can only run 4.5 backspacing because anymore than that and the wheel lip hits the upper ball join which limits the max amount of rubber you can put on the car whereas with a 17x8 wheel you can move up to 4.75 backspacing and get a better fit for the same rubber under the fender and maybe even squeeze 1 size up on the tread width if you want to really push the envelope"

Ohh wait.....

And on edit...another good argument around 16/17 centers on braking. With 15s you can fit a certain size rotor/caliper combo, to get something larger I am not aware of anything out there that fits under a 16 inch wheel. AKA all brake upgrades over the stock size kelsey hayes setup require a 17 inch wheel to run. If I am mistaken on this, I would like to be corrected, but I'm pretty sure.

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