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Well, one critical question is did they do the rebar correctly? Also, its a bit late for this but there are different additives they can put in the concrete mix. There is one in particular that makes it set up fracken hard. I have never had the fiber strand added but that apparently does well also. Also, I had the inside floor of mine paddled fairly smooth which puts a sort of a hard smooth glaze on top and its easier to keep clean. The pad that they poured in front of my shop door to extend it out for a parking spot is brushed. Theres a lot more details in laying concrete down properly than just slinging of the mud.

I had a nice crew come out for my job. The main contractor did the dirt and crete work. Then these 2 dudes in pony tails who were actually Jehovah's witnesses doing Christian work came out and put my shop up. The contractor knew of my health and condition so he got the church to volunteer these guys. They were very good and their work was donated aside from their stipend. I was definitely blessed. My shop is not that huge but it has been rock solid and not a crack anywhere. I was definitely blessed in that project.

331 solid flat cam, rings and bearings break in run up.

331 break in complete and is waiting on me to finish the body work

One of the last tnt's on my 289 may she rest in pieces. It ran in the
high 11's low 12's when it was at its best.

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