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We just got 2 new TV's (we = my wiff and daughters) and they set the damn things up with their smart phones! I'll admit, the picture is definitely better than the old TV's, but the remotes don't have # buttons on them! On one you hit a button, all the choices come up, and you scroll through them to watch what you want to- I'm used to punching in a # and going right to it. You can also freeze live shows, play them back, record them, send them to your phone, all kinds of crazy crap! We even had to upgrade the nice solid oak entertainment center to this glass/metal/cable thing so that it all coordinated..... After I finished it, I went out to my shop, clicked on the old tube TV, grabbed a beer out of my fridge (that has legs on it), and plopped down on my old couch (1997 F150 bench seat on wheels) and relaxed while watching The Rifleman!!

Buckle up- I wanna try something!!
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