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I just went through the same decision making process to replace an old netbook I used primarily for work.
I'm not an Apple guy so anything that started with "i" was out. I looked at convertibles, ones that the screen didn't detach, it wrapped around onto itself and became a tablet as I need a real laptop first, a tablet was secondary. I was looking for about a 12" screen, the ability to work with MS Office, and something that I can travel with daily.

After looking at several I ended up with a Lenovo "Yoga"

I got the M3 Processor and the 256 MB SSD Drive. I have been using it for about 3 weeks and REALLY like it, it is lightning fast, silent operation, awesome screen, and doesn't get warm at all.
Best Buy has them for you to go and touchy feely them along with the HP and MS offerings.

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