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What DD should I buy.

So I got that new job, that means I am going to be driving a lot. They are giving me a car allowance, and mileage. I have narrowed my choice down to the Fusion because I have liked it a long time. Its a well built car, and its a FORD Duh.
Anyways I am trying to figure out what kind I want. I have decided on 2010-2012. I am actually leaning towards a New 2012 since the stealerships are having to liquidate them for the new models. However, I cant decide on getting the V6 or I4.

I drove the I4, and have driven a V6. The v6 is definitely more peppy. I am going to be driving mostly highway and would like to maximize my mileage, but not so much as to kill performance. I have heard the V6 gets better mileage than FORD says, But I have little experience with that. I also know that a smaller engine must work harder to do the work that a larger could do easily, so thats a factor also.

What would yall do? I4 which gets 23/33 or V6 which gets 20/28? And why? also does anyone on here have these cars and can chime in on Actual Mileage?
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I own 4 cylinders for DD's, and never going back. So much easier and cheaper to work on.

What's a bolt on

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For what you are doing, the 4 hands down.

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Ok thanks for the input. I also just remembered the V6 mustangs now get 31 highway with 300HP. That is very tempting. Plus, they are about the same price-wise. This is gonna be a difficult decision.
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Don't forget to consider the cost of insurance.

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I have a Fusion as my company car. I'm on my second one and the only complaint I have is the obnoxious turn signal sound. Just bothers me for some reason. I've always had the 4 and have no complaints...but hey, they pay for everything so why would I? Just glad we went with Fords!

Anyway, it's comfy on long drives, has pretty good trunk space and gets good gas mileage.


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Would definately go with the 2013 Fusion, I think they did a good job with the styling.

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Here are some hints for buying the new car:

- Order a Consumer Reports price report for any car you are considering. It will list what the dealer paid for the car and every option. And pay no attention to any stealership pinhead who says something like, "Well, I don't know where they get those prices." The fact is, the Consumer Reports prices are correct and dealers hate that.

- You can often get a better deal on a car that just hit the lot than on a car that's been sitting around for a year. The 2012 car from last year has been costing the dealer money in interest and upkeep. He has to recover that cost. The 2013 car that just came off the truck may not have cost him anything. Even if he sells it to you for exactly what he paid for it, he makes money from a "holdback". That's a payment Ford gives the dealer when they sell a new car.

- Dealers make crazy profits from add-ons. Paint protection, "Ivisi-Bra" and fabric protection cost them almost nothing. But they have a huge markup for a huge profit. They also get a nice kickback for selling a loan. So don't let them twist your arm to finance through a particular bank if you don't want to. I'm not sure what those extended warranties actually cost. But I know they can sell them for half of the retail price and still make money. I know this because Mrs. Klutch likes to get an extended warranty (even though I don't) and dealers have cut the price by half to get me to buy it. And they sure aren't going to do this if they're not still making money. Personally, I don't bother with gap insurance either. If you negotiate a good price for the car and don't buy add-ons, you don't really need gap insurance. It's just another money maker for the dealer.

* If you do decide to buy an extended warranty, make sure it's from the manufacturer and not some third party warranty company. Many a person has bought an extended warranty only to find out later the company went out of business which makes it worthless.

- If you're a member of a credit union or Costco, you can use their buying service. You go to their web site, pick the car you want and wait for the dealer to contact you. Then you go buy the car at a very reasonable, fixed price. No haggling. No kidding. But still be careful about those add-ons! And if the dealer decides at the last minute he's not going to honor the buying service price, walk away. They do this at the last minute to make you feel like you're commited. You're not. Just walk away, then report your experience to whichever buying service you're using.

- Before you go to the dealership, check the Ford web pages for any manufacturer incentives like rebates and 0% financing. Look for the section where you add your zip code. Often there are incentives for certain areas of the country.

- If you have good credit and the dealer says you don't qualify for the 0% financing, go to another dealer. It's very likely they're just trying to sell you a loan from somewhere else so they can get a nice kickback.

My name is Klutch and I'm the consumer from Hell.

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v6 mustang gets my vote

1966 convert
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Just something else to think about. Are you going to have customers riding with you? Are you going to have any of the higher ups in your company riding with you? If so, I would probably stay away from the new Mustang as I don't think it projects as "Professional an image" as some other cars. It sucks, but many people do in fact judge a book by its cover.
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Well, Thanks for all the input. I think I have sadly ruled the mustang out. not because I will be driving around with anyone, but because I think the Fusion will give me a little better ride, and I can put a few friends in there and head off to the beach if I wanted. It just has more space and will probably be better for what I am gonna be doing. I am till contemplating between the V6 and I4. The mileage doesnt seem to be much different, and i would like to have the extra power there in the event I need it. I have only driven the I4 so tomorrow I will go and drive the V6. The cost isnt much different either.

Thanks Klutch, those are some great tips. I dont plan on buying a warranty or any add ons. I am looking at the 2012 SEL, just because I am going to be in this thing A LOT. I might as well have leather and heated seats and junk. I especially want the Sync. And I will order one of those consumer reports.
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I don't see how this is still a question. Get the v6, you won't be sorry. My buddy has a 13 with v6, and that car will haul the mail.

Great tips! The only one I'm not on board with is gap insurance. It's super cheap, and can save your butt, like it did mine.

True story.....
I purchased a 01 mustang in 03. I had it 5 DAYS when an uninsured driver hit me head on at 45. I was sitting at a dead stop at a red light. Guy ran a red light, swerved and crushed me. Destroyed the car. I had to crawl out a window. It was bad. The gap insurance made me some money. More so if the car was brand new. Just sayin...
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+1 get the gap insurance !!
saved my ars too

1966 convert
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Just a thought but Fusions are used as rent cars. If you got some time to decide then you could rent one for a few days to see if you definitely like the engine or not. I have had both the I4 and V6 models as rent cars and used them for extended trips. I do not recall what mileage I got in them. The I4 I thought drove just fine, the V6 was surprisingly peppy.

Admiral Aaron Rouse
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On the V6 v I4, I drive for a living as well (1200 - 1500 miles a week), the V6 might be more fun, but as the mileage piles up, it will begin to nickle and dime you to death in maintenance and fuel economy. I don't recal if your company is paying for your fuel or not, but if it is on your dime, definately get the four.

Check this out:

Gas Mileage of 2012 Ford Fusion

Lots of 2012 Fusion options to choose from. The best V6 ecomomy is 28 mpg, the best I4 economy is 33 mpg. 5 mpg is huge if you drive like I do and if it is coming out of your wallet, you would be crazy to let that go. The V6 will cost you roughly $22 more than the four for every 1000 miles you drive, that's a little more than $1,700 a year @ 78,000 miles yearly.

Think of it this way, every dollar that you don't spend on gas you can spend on your Mustang.

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