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The War on Privacy

<warning : Old Man Moment about to happen>
So I went to the dump today and also decided to stop and drop off some used motor oil at the Advance on the way back. Remembered I needed a new battery for the Mountaineer so I had the kid get me one on the way out. Ringing it up.
Phone number?
I don't give that out.
It's needed for the warranty.
I'll keep my receipt.
No, I need your number.
So make one up because you are not getting mine. I will keep my receipt as proof of time and place of purchase.
No, I need your real number.
You want to sell me a battery or not junior?
I need a phone number.
Bye. Not coming back either. Tell that to the manager.

Went to my local m&p shop and got one for half price without the 'info' hassle. I simply will no longer tolerate this overt end of privacy any longer. They are not shipping it to me. There is no need for any other information to be levied.

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Never give mine out either.

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I too am stuck back in the days of old. Thirty years ago I walked out of Radio Shack because the little weasel manager wanted my name and address to sell me a tiny light bulb. Its all about marketing. I am sooo desparately tired of being incessantly marketed to by every and all media channels from TV to radio to print to roadside billboards. If I need to buy something, I'll tell you. The more they shove their Chinese sourced wares in my face, the more I don't want any of it, even for free. Pack it.
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Little known fact about Advance Auto and Auto zone receipts. They are printed with such crappy paper and ink that the words on them disappear after a short period of time. So receipts from these places are typically useless before the warranty period runs out. If you want to keep a good record, make a copy of it.
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I also don't give a real number. But I do know why some places do it. I know that you went to Advance, but I read a business story about Autozone awhile back.

It said Autozone uses the information, along with other demographics found in other databases, in order to try having a profile of the vehicles in the area of each store. The goal is to know what vehicles are in area in order to try having the most common replacement parts for those vehicles on hand.

The thought is why have air filters for a '76 Opel in every store, when they can stock one for my 70 Mach 1 instead.

It makes financial sense to me. But, it is a little bit "Big Brother" to some of us customers.

Now, if I can just figure out how to get DHS to quit monitoring what I say on VMF. Hmmm?

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I hate that "can I have your phone number" crap too. My way around it is to give out my work number. That way I never have trouble remembering what number I used when I have a return. Did I mention that I am a police officer and it's the number to our front desk? I'd love for them to try and make a sales call.

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You guys taking it out on the poor person at the counter is wrong it is not their fault. They cant complete the transaction thru the computer with out the phone number that is the way the company has it set up. You would be better to complain to the corperate office, the people in the stores have no say on that.

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I was a store manager for Trak Auto years ago. You should have seen
the amount of info they asked......particularly on a return.
And he's right. You can't really rip on the store personnel. They have
NO SAY on anything. Conversation tended to go down to the stores
and was not welcomed the other way. You haven't felt like a "cog on
the wheel" until you work for a mass merchandiser in automotive.....

As the drill sergeant said, "I taught you everything you know. I didn't teach you everything I know."

"Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so."
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I have never thought about giving my number to the AutoZone guy/gal...I give it every time. The funny thing is that I have not received telephone calls from telemarketers, sales people, etc, either. The only folks who call and bother me on that phone number are robot calls from politicians, and that didn't happen too often.
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One time I told the store clerk that I did not have a phone. She said "I hate when that happens." as if I did not pay my bill and they turned off my service.

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I'm with you on the privacy issue. Next time, give them the local number for "Dial-A-Prayer"


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Give them their own store phone number. Solves the problem and it's a legit phone number. Just tell them you don't have a home phone, so you'll use theirs.
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Originally Posted by LeeFred View Post
I have never thought about giving my number to the AutoZone guy/gal...I give it every time. The funny thing is that I have not received telephone calls from telemarketers, sales people, etc, either. The only folks who call and bother me on that phone number are robot calls from politicians, and that didn't happen too often.
+1, for regular Joes, I really don't think the phone number is that big of a deal.

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