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Misfit Garage - staged drama

One of the problems I have with television shows is that they always turn into soap operas. You go to watch a crime show and they spend half the episode working the sexual tension between two characters who, for some reason, just can't seem to express their feelings. Then at the last minute some minute DNA particle surfaces or the super hacker in the group uncovers some smoking gun.

That's now worked its way into reality tv. Street Outlaws always has two people with some grudge against each other instead of just racing. Fast and Loud has headed that way with the restaurant, the race car, the NHRA sponsorship, and the ongoing grudge with Fired Up Garage.

In the most recent episode of Misfit Garage, just to keep you on the edge of your seat, they had their slack jawed flunkie "painting" the driveshaft nobody would see because they didn't like red, white, and blue. Naturally, the jackass paints the thing with a rattle can INSIDE, standing between the fan that was so high he could barely get any paint on the driveshaft and the freshly painted project on which all their fortunes rely. Predictably, the overspray is now a great threat to their project being complete on time. Fortunately the detailer can save their special paint job and everybody lives happily ever after.

First, if there's such a strong breeze that you can barely get any paint on the object you're painting and you don't move somewhere else, you're probably not smart enough to hold a can of paint.
Second, the can is clearly Plasti-Dip, not real paint. Nobody paints a driveshaft with Plasti-Dip. But they do paint things where they want the paint to be easily removable, like staged overspray on your project's special paint job.

Thanks Discovery Channel for wasting valuable time I could have spent re-arranging my sock drawer.


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I keep noticing the DOT puts up signs to honor my burnouts. That's nice of them.
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i saw that and thought it was ridiculous but I didn't notice it was PlastDip that he was using.

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TV and alcohol are common weapons used to sedate those who might instigate public unrest. Now that you quit the tube, you may go forth and unrest. Or, get back to work on your Mustang!

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That is why I gave up on that spinoff show...

I gave it 2 tries... drawn in by funny interactions with GMG's Richard Rawlings.

After a couple tries, I think that Thomas Weeks is a cocky, smart-a$$ R.Rawlings wanna-be. A little of goofy Tom the mechanic is ok, but he eventually goes overboard with the stupidity. The other guys have no interesting character traits and don't bring anything to the show...

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.....and my son's name is Ford... I still can't believe that the wife let that one go!...
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Yeah I noticed the Plasti-Dip, but what concerned me the most was the crazy amount of orange peel on that one of a kind paint job. I've been over the GMG. The only real reason I watch is because my DVR still records it and I can scan through the BS and see the final build. The new spin off is really not for me. I only watched because of the Fastback build.

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I blame it on the ignorance of producers. They mistakenly think they need artificial drama to attract and engage the audience. Hello, the people who want to watch car shows don't care about such nonsense. They want to see car stuff! If they wanted drama, they'd watch Soap Network.

Of course, there's little or no reality in "reality" shows. The American Picker's van is hauled around the country on a flatbed while the "stars" fly in, drive it up the driveway and engage in pre-scripted banter with "salted" items placed by the producers.

Richard from Fast & Loud is an actor. There is no Gas Monkey Garage. The cars on the auction block are not really selling or even up for sale.

The couples on "House Hunters" have already bought their house before the taping starts. They are simply shown two other homes while pretending to debates their assets, then they fake an offer and a closing.

All the items people bring in to the shop on "Pawn Stars" are pre-screened, pre-selected and typically not even for sale. The reality is almost everyone who walks into a pawn shop is pawning something very boring, like a simple watch, and that doesn't make good TV.

Recently, one of my coworkers spotted people filming one of the mining reality shows in the mountains of Colorado. It was a blocked-off set no different than the set of a scripted show (which these shows actually are).

If you like these shows, that's cool. I sometimes like to watch them. But even as skeptical as I am, I'm surprised when I learn just how fake these shows are.

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One clue on last nights F&L that GMG isn't "real" which has been rumored here before was the fact that the painter carried the pink caddy to his own shop to paint it.

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Yet another example of the "fakeness":

Did Fast 'N Loud Make This Up?

Currently working on a 1970 Mach 1 project. See it here: http://forums.vintage-mustang.com/vi...ode-build.html
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I gave it 30 seconds and that was too much. The original guys were entertaining in small doses but this spinoff will be their demise and in 6 months it'll all run its course and hopefully replaced with more reruns of Mecum or something that isn't fake or dumb
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"Sue", if that's here "real" name pens them correctly every episode "A$$-monkeys".

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Real life does not entertain the masses. Drama will keep drama lovers involved, and the car content will keep the car guys somewhat interested in watching. They are after sheer numbers and they really don't car how they get them. I am sure they run all the ideas around and around until they figure they have as many people on board in a broad spectrum.
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"Real life does not entertain the masses." Excellent point. Most of real life doesn't entertain anybody.
You guys who do bodywork. The initial planning and then implementation of how to fix the problem (or do something custom) is fairly interesting. After that it's basically mind numbing hand labor and infinite sanding. Painting is hugely satisfying to the painter but interesting to watch for about sixty seconds.
Mechanic work is a person using applied scientific method to repair a machine. Most shops are full of people are absorbed in doing this fairly quietly. Maybe once a day someone does something that might be of interest to anyone not directly involved in that repair job.
Custom motorcycle building is a combination of the above two. There might be slightly interesting moments when design decisions are made or a fairly innovative way is found to accomplish something but that's about it.
Towing isn't interesting, it's mostly just driving a truck. There are the very brief interesting moments when the tow operator has to figure out how to get the upside down car out of the creek when he can't get any closer and his cable is ten feet too short, stuff like that. But as soon as the solution is found and begun to be implemented successfully, it's just grind work.
Repo work is just towing except you sneak up a grab people's cars while they are asleep or otherwise occupied elsewhere. For the most part. Every very rare once in a while it gets REALLY exciting, but very briefly.
I mention all these in particular because I have done and still do all of the above. I've always found these activities hugely interesting to do, indeed my whole adult life has revolved around doing such stuff. But you couldn't pay me enough to sit and watch someone else do them. They aren't that interesting to any observer. The TV people know that and have to paste all sorts of scripted junk in to get and keep viewers.
I suppose there are stupider things to watch on TV though. I don't know, I have stuff to do.
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All of these "reality" shows are staged, fake, and so on--but when there is nothing else to watch they are ok. Tape them now and watch them when it's rainy and cold out.

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I get more drama from my wife and daughter than I need. I don't watch a tv show for more of it.


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I used to really like Fast N' Loud, but agree that it has become more and more scripted, and I'm now beginning to lose interest. The kick off of Misfit Garage took it to the next level of completely staged antics. If there was any doubt, I noticed that the executive producer of Misfit Garage is...Richard Rawlings.

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