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Man.. Whats up with all these Shelbys bein stolen. People work hard to buy and/or restore them, and then they are stolen in just a few minutes (if not less). I really hope the theif gets caught. They seriously deserve it. I would have a heart attack if my car was stolen, and its just a plain jane mustang (but I still love it) . Imagine a Shelby. I give the owner a good luck Hope they get their car back

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you ALWAYS find it

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When you aren't looking for it,
You ALWAYS find it

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Stealing a mustang ought to be a crime punishable by death!

69 M code, 4spd, Mach 1(project)

69 M code, 4spd, Mach 1(project)
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Just wait... stolen shelbys... I bet next, Semi's will be getting jacked by 3 black honda civics...... stupid movies. By the way, if you dont know what im talking about, Shelbys (Gone in Sixty Seconds), Civics (The ricer movie, The Fast and the Furious)... just my 2 cents.

David Flak
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David Flak
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ALERT Just read this message originally sent out by Keith Coleman in the Shelby Mustang Net:

Just wanted to alert everyone that a 67 500 was stolen at Mid America on Saturday night. The car is owned by Joey Gazzo of DesMoines, IA. The serial number is 67 400 F8A 01846 the car is Brittany Blue with outboards. It is a very
nice car. I hope someone out there can help locate the thing, Joey owns his own body shop in DesMoines. Sorry I cant tell you the phone number. Everyone should take warning as this is the second one in a very short period. It was taken right in the Host Hotel parking lot in early evening and there were witnesses.

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Joey's awesome! I know him personally very well! Didn't even know he was going to BE at Mid-America!

DAMMIT! ('scuse the French!)

Spread the word on this car! A good reminder to CHECK YOUR SHELBY REGISTRY/NUMBERS BEFORE YOU BUY!

With how well Shelby's are documented, I hope this car gets recovered quickly!

I'll have to call him... this SUCKS What's the world coming to?

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Hope he gets it back. I like the story I read in, I think, the MCA magazine about the guy who had a 500 stolen from his fathers dealership. He refused the insurance money. Many years later, he saw an ad for one at a local dealer, it had an unusual color that only a very few had, and was the only one in that area sold. He went to the dealer to check it out, posing as a potential customer, low and behold, it was his! And yes he did get it back.

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I was at the Mid-America meet this past Saturday and spent a few minutes talking to Joey and taking a few snapshots of his beautiful GT 500. He was courteous enough to even offer to let me sit in his car and that he would take a picture of me inside his pride and joy. I declined his offer feeling the car was much too nice to even touch much less to have a stranger sit in it! I did have him take a snapshot of me by the car though. Never did I imagine that in just a few hours the unthinkable would happen. It is too bad that something like this has happened to such a nice and giving person! He had no obligation to offer this courtesy, he did this out of the kindness of his heart-and probably because of my drooling over his vehicle. The next day at the show while talking to Mr Rivas also of Des Moines(The Guy with the Red Boss 9 inside the lobby) he informed me as to what had happened. That really tarnished the day and took alot of the fun and enjoyment out of the show. Hope that Joey recovers his car and that the thief is caught and hung from his unmentionable extremities! You just dont do that to somebody that has labored over his car to make it look that outstanding Best of Luck Joey

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You could always say it was an accident!

Brad Lee
67 V8 Coupe

P.S. I'll be on the lookout here in Illinois.

The family truckster in 1985. My college car.
Brad Lee (IL)
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I can really appreciate the feelings he must be having at this point. I personally arm (alarm) my car at all shows and have a switch to kill the electrical system because these occurances are becoming too often. Hot August Nights is another event that draws people who takes not only the cars but the trailers are hot items also.

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Explain what you mean by killing your electrical system? A 22 inch (approx.) piece of wire conected from the ign post of the starter solenoid directly to the coil, and then jumping the starter solenoid with any metallic object, bypasses most electrical system kill switches that are on the market today. All I'm saying is don't trust any alarm/theft prevention system (like "the club") An alarm is designed to be a deterrant, to make someone who wants your car think twice before jumping in. The theft deterrant system will not stop your car from being jacked. The only real protection is comprehensive insurance coverage with the vehicles actual cash value clearly spelled out on the policy. Utilizing an insurance settlement check to purchase a replacement vehicle softens the blow of walking out of a bar and seeing an empty spot where you know you parked your classic mustang just a couple of hours earlier. Oh, and did I metion that import drivers are sore losers, be careful who you impress at the next stoplight, they may really like your car...

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The only problem with stated value insurance is my car is worth more to me than the money and I can't get it insured for twice it's value so the loss would be deep even with insurance,When a Shelby is gone it is gone you can replace it with another but the first one is GONE,like loosing a spouse you can get remarried but you can never have the original back,,

Robbie "it doesn't cost any more to go first class,,you just can't stay as long"

Robbie "It doesn't cost any more to go first class,,You just can't stay as long"

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Bob I seen you posted you know Joey,,would you please get me his email I have pics of the car at the show in the spot just before the car was stolen ,,we were hoping it had the perp in the pics,, as people had seen him hanging around the car on a cell phone and pics would prove it,,
As well as my best wishes to him ,,I'll never forget the look on his face when he asked me if I had seen his car ,,And I had to tell him I saw it leave 1/2 an hour ago in a hurry if i'd known him befor the theft we could have alerted the police sooner ,,

Robbie "it doesn't cost any more to go first class,,you just can't stay as long"

Robbie "It doesn't cost any more to go first class,,You just can't stay as long"

67 GT 500 #1590 "Shelly"
67 Chevy II nova "Sherry"
833 HP 542 CI Dart alum motor
'32 Ford Tudor Rod
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locating the battery in the trunk, then utilizing a hidden battery shut off switch on the power cable from the battery up to the front of the car, coupled with quick disconnect battery terminal, is a good start at killing the electrical system. Flaming River, I believe it is, makes a battery shut off switch with a long rod with a t handle. You can position the switch up where it can't be seen under the car, let alone reached, then mount the push/pull long-handled T bar up by the leaf spring, where it is not obvious what it is for. Morosso also makes a nice battery shut off switch.

The Jacob's pro-street ignition computer is nice cause it has two ways of theft deterrence. First, there is the kill switch. It is a micro toggle switch which you can mount hidden under the dash, in the console, under the seat or wherever. The car will start and run, but if you do not reset the switch within 8 seconds of starting the car, the ignition will shut off after 2 minutes. This means the thief takes the car for a couple of blocks, then it stops running, but will still turn over. Thus, the symptom is not obvious as being an ignition kill device.

Next, there is a rev limiter which can be reset at will at any rpm. You can set the rev limiter to about 1000 rpm just before you park your car for the night. Even if the thief manages to get the engine running, it will not go above an idle. Can't drive too far at 1000 rpm ceiling.

Couple these systems with a fuel shut off valve upstream of the fuel pump. By shutting off the fuel, you reduce the fuel pressure up to the carb. The engine will start, as long as there is fuel in the float bowl, but without the pressure, the engine bogs and shuts off when you step on the gas pedal. Not going anywhere with that.

Finally, I like the Grant removable steering wheel kit. I am also fabricating a box which locks around my brake and clutch pedals. Without a steering wheel, without the ability to use the brake or clutch, with the fuel shut off, the rev limiter, and two battery isolation devices, the only way (knock on wood) that someone is taking my stang is with a flat bed. Of course that involve tilting the car, so the alarm sensor which pages the fm pager on my belt, will be activated. AND above all, pray.

sure it's fun (most of the time), but it's only a car.

Rebuilding a classic mustang is a reality check on your individual state of perfection.
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Damn!! You go to all that trouble I keep my keys on the visor, 24/7. I like my cars, but they will not rule my life.

"The danger of communication is the illusion that it has occured"
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damn man thats what im talking about!! PREACH IT!!

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