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brianl03 01-06-2002 04:55 PM

Any special tricks to get front drums off a 70? I took of the nuts and after whacking it repeatedly with a mallet, it still isn't coming off.

racer_x_76 01-06-2002 05:29 PM

If you're trying to get the drum off the hub, you ain't gonna do it with a mallet.[IMG]/forums/images/icons/wink.gif[/IMG] The studs are swedged in place so the drum and hub become one piece. The swedges have to be cut down to remove the drum. this requires a special cutter to do this. It would be best to take it to your local machine shop and have them removed. If you try to just press the studs out without cutting the swedge, you WILL ruin the hub. Are you intending to replace the drums? Because in order to cut the swedge you have to pretty much ruin the drum and the studs. I have changed many of these and I've yet to be able to save either the studs or the drum. Scott

66stangFb 01-06-2002 05:29 PM

As the drum wears, and the pads adjust out, a ridge gets built up. So, from the back side, adjust the adjuster in (using a screw driver and a brake adjusting tool) and then wiggle the drum back and forth as you pull it off.

stangrestorer 01-06-2002 05:33 PM

Front drums and press fitted to the hubs bt the wheel studs. To remove them you have to first back off the adjusters so that the shoes will clear the ridge thatis more than likely in your drum. Them you have to remove the dust caps. Then you will see a cotter pin and the nut retaing lock and the nut. Remove the pin and the castlelated retainer and then reove the nut. With a little rocking motion the outer bearing should pop out and you can remove the drum. If it still will not come of you have not backed the shoes off enough. Hope this helps. KC
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SHELBY 01-06-2002 05:42 PM

Remove the nut in the centre under the greas cap, than the drum will come off.

racer_x_76 01-06-2002 06:51 PM

Oops, I guess I misunderstood the question.[IMG]/forums/images/icons/shocked.gif[/IMG] Like the others said, back the adjuster off all the way and the drum should come off. If not sometimes the bearings get stuck on the spindle, but it's rare. Scott

johnpro 01-06-2002 08:17 PM

I don't understand all the cutting/machine shop talk with respect to removing a hub from a front drum. The way I've always done it, is pound out the lugs. Then lay a 2x4 on top of the hub (drum sitting hub side up on garage floor) and 1 or 2 smacks of a hammer on the 2x4 and the hub will drop right out. I've done this many, many times and have never damaged a hub in the process.

beechkid 01-06-2002 08:45 PM

Welcome to the world of the early fox chassis can't just press (or pound) em off, they have to have the knuraled edges of the lugs removed first.....machine shop stuff!

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