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housten i have a problem, i bought a car from a mustang parts place about 4 years ago, it came with a title with multiple signitures, never transfered! i knew this would be a lot of foot work to track down the original owner but i had the tiltle signed by him back in 1994!, so after 3 years of working on the car im trying to find the owner so i goto the florida DMZ and do a title search and BAAM " THERE IS A HOLD ON THIS TITLE!" THIS USALLY MEANS THE CAR IS STOLEN! i was going to call the dmv number to find out but if it is stolen i want to take my 2 years of NOS parts back off of it! so i called a cop friend and have him running it to find out for sure!

but what if the jack off i bought it from reported it as a theft for a insurance claim? i wouldent put it past him he is shaddy , i just dont know what to do right now!

to many cars to list!

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Well, I do know that no matter how legitimate the purchase you made was, if the car was indeed stolen, the car still belongs to the person it was stolen from (or the insurance company if a claim was paid).

You are smart to remove any improvements you made that can be removed. I hope it works out for you.

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You should report it that's for sure. Harboring stolen property knowingly can get you in a jamb. It could just have a lean on it. But I would play by the rules and if it is hot, take your stuff off the car before handing it over. Ask your cop friend to check it out for you.

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If someone stole the car, how did they end up with the title too? I doubt it was stolen.

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Chase this down immediatley, an individual on a another non-mustang forum I frequent ended up doing some time and getting heavy probation and fines. He procurred a car he thought was clean, but it was not. The true owner was an *** and pressed charges, even after the guy offered the car back. The cops showed up at his job and cuffed him and hauled him away, really bad situation. He is still payinf fines and it has been 2-3 years. He plead no contest to get it over. Check into this now!
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It is real easy to get a title for a stolen car if you are not worried about it becoming legal, just selling it to the unsuspecting person. I ended up buying a CJ-5 Jeep that after owning it for three weeks, titling it the day I bought it, and being stopped for a warning about speeding, was told it was stolen. The local law told me I had 15 min. to remove anything I had reciepts for, and they towed it from where I worked. I was told that if it was not for the fact of the shocked look on my face when he informed me it was stolen, I would have been in jail for grand theft. I did get the Jeep back in my possession within 24 hours with a lot of work. The real owner did not want it back. Now, how the woman(thief) got a title was a speciality of hers and I bought it from a legitimate dealer in Tucson whobought it from her with a clean Az. title.

Point is, get it looked into without putting your name to it and remove all items once you know for sure it is stolen. Go to the person you bought it from and ask for your money back or turn him in for selling stolen items. Also, no matter how good of a friend you officer buddy is, he must uphold the law of face possible problems himself.

Good luck and do not sit on this. Resolve it!

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It's a long, ugly process getting this resolved. The car goes back to the guy who reported it stolen. If it's the guy you bought it from, you better have proof that you purchased the car from him, you need a Bill of Sale with his signature on it. If it was the owner from 94, you have to sue the guy you bought it from to get your money back, since he sold you stolen goods, he has to sue the guy he bought it from and so on till the culprit is found. Not a pretty deal.

On the other hand, if you have no proof of purchase........


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being you are in florida and you purchased in florida then it probably wasnt removed from the stolen car alert list after it was recovered. I had a similar situation with florida, my 1991 cadillac was stolen from the casino parking lot in gulfport mississippi in 2002 and i had compreh. insurance thru state farm and somehow it was entered but not removed from florida stolen vehicle list. the car was found 2 weeks later about 30 miles east in pascagula ms and the ins co paid me to go get my car,only after much negociation with the help of my agent, and my persistance. Two years later i sold the car and a fellow paid me cash and i gave him the car and title.Two weeks later i got a call from him saying he couldnt register the car as florida had it listed as stolen.It took us 2 weeks and hundreds of phone calls to get it removed from florida stolen car list. Every person assured they would help me but couldnt. It took a local deputy 2 days to finally get it done! What crap, good luck with this fiasco you are going to need it! wes
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Getting a stolen vehicle with a signed title is as simple as the registered owner being stupid and leaving the title in the glove box, under the seat,under the floor mat,or in the sun visor.Then all the thief has to do is sign the owners name on the title and pretend he is that person to some unsuspecting buyer.Dont ask me how i know ....Marc

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I don't know if this helps or not but in the state of MT if a car has been on your property, stolen or not, and you can prove you did not steel it and did not know it was stolen, (purchased in good faith, which your signed title proves) then the owner has to pay a storage fee of $8.00 a day, which when multiplied times 4 years is $11,680 dollars, to get the car back. Most owners just sign off.

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Is there a nation-wide reporting of stolen cars? In otherwords, if this Florida car was in my posession and I tried to title it in Wisconsin, would my DMV be alerted? I always title my cars before doing any work on them. Good luck with your situation! Jack.

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every car I look at for $1 or $60,000 I call the state highway patrol of that and surronding states, and write down the day, time and badge number of who I checked with. This so far has saved me more than a few times.

No old rusty shell is worth a court/jail visit for me. No title does not stop me, it just makes that car a parts only...ever!

Good luck....

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Originally Posted by HoosierBuddy
If someone stole the car, how did they end up with the title too? I doubt it was stolen.

I've got to agree with Phil. Unless the car was "re-titled" then I doubt that a stolen car would have a title (even if it wasn't currently registered). BTW, why would you do that much work on a car whose title was still not clear? It would seem the title issue should come before restoration.

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ok i bought this car from a MUSTANG DEALER IN JACKSONVILLE he told me the car was RUST FREE AND IT WAS A BIG RUST BUCKET he wouldent refund my 1000 dollar deposit and wouldent give me the title untill i paid him the 1000 dollar balance, at wich point i then saw it had multibale transferes with no registration ( and all transferes where thru small car lots) the owner of the mustang buisness assured me it wasent a problem and if it was reported stolen from this retard he will be getting a visit from me!

i also have te original internet ads for this car a Q code mach1 , i have a few other ways to get this car titled but i also could strip it out and part it out tach and gauges q code c-6!

to many cars to list!

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