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Originally Posted by Mach1 Driver View Post
It sounds suspicious doesn't it. I would ask for specifics- what did these customers need the Sniper to do that it wouldn't? The terminator does have more versatility, and it should for $1k more. If you can nail down what the issues were, I'll bet that Holley tech has a work-around for the Sniper.
Yes, my thoughts exactly. Outside of the idle adjustment for A/C, a N/A engine is pretty straightforward. I thought I remembered reading that the tuning software was the same for both units, but the terminator has the additional capabilities to accommodate nitrous, blowers, etc. Most of the posts I read here love their Snipers, but the Holley Sniper FB page seems to have just as many people having issues with thiers (mostly because of O2 sensors going out pre-maturely).
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