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Thanks for the feedback everyone; I assumed I would only get one or two replies...

My car is far from stock/concourse as is so one more departure from stock part doesn't bother me.
I have SPI grey epoxy, I will probably just shoot it with a few coats for now and reassess after I see it since I need to get something on the metal.

Maybe I will try some on my old floor pan seat risers and try scratching it up and abusing them with some oil/solvents (once cured) for kicks.
I've heard conflicting information with some people saying epoxy alone is fine and doesn't need topcoating (SPI epoxy does have UV protection in it, not that it matters that much under the car) and others say it should be topcoated. Was just hoping for more of a general consensus vs all the differing opinions. It would probably annoy me if it ended up stained due to oils, etc after a few years so perhaps a topcoat is in order, we'll see.

I still need to weld in the subframe connectors anyway so I can always scuff and shoot another color topcoat (or the same color if it turns out I like it) once the subframes are in.

Thanks again.

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