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Originally Posted by Wsmatau View Post
Welp, I may regret not going "all out" but the Sniper is on order along with their Dizzy and fuel tank. More to follow!
You won't! That shop was trying to push their overstock Terminator models on you, since everybody was buying the sniper while the Terminator sits on the shelf.

I bought the Terminator when it first came out as the Sniper had not been invented yet. Great product, worked flawlessly on my 500 hp 383 Stroker. I probably didn't use half of the functions.

I now have the Sniper on another vehicle with a Keith Craft 600 hp just as flawlessly as the Terminator and ran in "closed loop" from the first turn of the key on the Street setting.

What you have is nowhere near too wild for the Sniper to handle!

1965 Fastback 393W Stroker

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