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'68 390 GT coupe value

Went and looked at one last night. Guy has owned it since '71 and bought it form his cousin who bought it new. Has original window sticker which shows it to be a true GT. All GT equipment is present. Car has been off the road 30 years. Was repainted poorly. Absolutely no body rust, checked it over closely. Only rust on car is in rear rear rails where shackles bolt up, a little around one floorpan body plug, very minor in the front torque boxes, and behind one front bumper bracket, none of the rust is bad. Original 390 Engine was pulled 25 yrs ago after dropping a valve, heads were redone at that time and shortblock is on a stand. 4spd still in car. Has a 3.91 Detroit Locker in it, but original 3.25 is included. Interior is in great shape, drivers seat ripped. Has upper and lower console, 8k tach dash, original am/fm radio. Cracked windshield.

I used to own one, although it wasn't a GT. I used to know quite a bit about these cars, but its been awhile. From searching here and other sites, I've come to the conclusion that roughly 800 '68 390 GT 4 spd coupes were made. I am probably going to buy it, just seeing if anyone on here is familiar with these cars and can give me an idea on value.

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