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I don't know, I think you guy are being a bit hard on the car.

What if you could buy this exact car for $500 (you have to keep it - not flip it) Would you pay $500? There are folks here would buy it for $500 but there are people in the world who will feel the pain of spending 200K + less than you or I will feel spending $500. They won't have to come up with a donor or or do the work themselves, or consign a car to a restorer that may take years and perform dubious work. All they have to do is see this in the Christmas Hammacher Schlemmer catalog and write a check for a turn key car with a warranty.

My only gripe is that, like others have mentioned, I don't like the idea of using one of the dwindling number of vintage shells left to build this car, or any other "tribute" project. But if they were using the Dynacorn repro shell, I'd say have at it.


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