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Originally Posted by 65 Pony View Post
Does it matter? The dude's house is literally on fire in the background. He got to at least save a beloved? car.

The social media bull**** these days is sickening...

Edit: I'm not directing my post at you doc, it's the fact that the SAAC even made a damn comment. WHO THE EFF CARES? THE MAN IS LOSING ALL HIS ****. HE GOT TO SAVE HIS CAR.
While I have some sympathy for those involved in the wildfires, and was even myself a firefighter at one point, A. This is what insurance is for and B. If you don't want to worry about wildfires potentially setting your house on fire, don't live in an area where they are common or clear cut your property so if one does happen, it won't set your house on fire. C. A house and/or a car can be rebuilt. Sadly a person cannot.
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