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Originally Posted by 65 Pony View Post
Does it matter? The dude's house is literally on fire in the background. He got to at least save a beloved? car.

The social media bull**** these days is sickening...

Edit: I'm not directing my post at you doc, it's the fact that the SAAC even made a damn comment. WHO THE EFF CARES? THE MAN IS LOSING ALL HIS ****. HE GOT TO SAVE HIS CAR.
It does to them. I joined SAAC back in the 90’s (no longer a member). You have to be a member to participate in their open track events. Mid-Ohio Raceway Park. Handed my check directly to non other than Rick Kopec...then SAAC president and owner of the famous Essex Wire GT350R (Of which some have doubted its legitimacy). He asked which “one” do I own. To them a number is a car...and they all know the cars and the numbers. I responded, I only own a ‘83 GT. He responded, “Oh...those don’t matter”, and happily accepted my check. It is what it is. I still like to think that most actual Shelby owners are not like him.

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