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Originally Posted by patrickstapler View Post
It does to them. I joined SAAC back in the 90’s (no longer a member). You have to be a member to participate in their open track events. Mid-Ohio Raceway Park. Handed my check directly to non other than Rick Kopec...then SAAC president and owner of the famous Essex Wire GT350R (Of which some have doubted its legitimacy). He asked which “one” do I own. To them a number is a car...and they all know the cars and the numbers. I responded, I only own a ‘83 GT. He responded, “Oh...those don’t matter”, and happily accepted my check. It is what it is. I still like to think that most actual Shelby owners are not like him.
Sadly many are just like him. In 2015, I attended the Shelby 50 Anniversary show at the Pomona NHRA Museum. I saw more original Cobras in one day than you could see in a lifetime anywhere else. At the time, I was building a Factory Five Cobra replica and I attempted to start a conversation with one of the owners. As soon as I said I was working on a replica, he basically walked away. That told me alot about people who were fortunate to buy one long ago or amass a large enough fortune to buy one more recently. Some of these guys forget that it is enthusiasts, like me, that keep the mystic in those cars. Just because I was not fortunate enough to have found a way to own a real one takes nothing away from my love of these cars. After a while you have to just realize there are some stuck up jerks out there an move on.

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