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I am planning to do a Coyote swap on my 65 coupe as part of a pretty in-depth restomod/restore/rebuild. I already did a Coyote swap on my 1996 Mustang Cobra American Iron car. My 65 isn't unique or special other than the fact that it was my first car and I've had it since 1990.

It was originally a 289-2 bbl car, C4, Pony interior. I'm going to do a street/track build. It currently has a 255 ci - 2bbl engine, T5 trans, stock 8" rear, 2001 Bullitt rims, 245/45-17 tires, and lots of rust. It will likely be a complete disassembly and rebuild. I do a lot of road racing so it'll have a partial cage, at least.

Jimmy Bost
'96 Mustang Cobra American Iron Road Racer
'65 255ci 2-bbl Hardtop (long story)
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