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Originally Posted by Gibson68 View Post
I have an opertunity to purchase a HD Shelby export brace. I will pass on it if it's not used or replaced in these kits.

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Check the cowl hole spacing on it. Early "Shelby" had different spacing that I don't really see the need to change to. Quite simply, the export brace was used on the Shelby, not that they had another one for exported Shelbys. Nothing HD or not about them although there are some repops made that are of a lesser thickness.
Speaking of heim joints there are some suspension dealers that also carry cowl braces and shock tower braces that are adjustable via heim joints but not necessarily in a kit. im sure they are well made and do the job, certainly have a bling factor but i always wonder if people might not be putting their car wonky making them tight instead of making their car fit the spec, if that makes sense. Like many of use that had to force our car around the export brace but if we had adjustable braces how would we know what was "correct?"

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