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I went with TCP back in '08 when I built my car. I really struggled with the expense, but a friend encouraged me to go for it with, "How many times will you get this opportunity?"

I initially loved everything about their kit except for how it mounted to the top of the tower. The entire suspension load is carried by the three 3/8" bolts loaded in tension. I wasn't comfortable with that. So, I threaded the holes in their upper bracket for 12mm bolts that I screwed in from below. It's not only stronger, but made installation much easier. You can now remove the export brace without jacking the front end up to get the load off the suspension. I shared my idea with TCP. They blew me off.

I don't drive the car much at all - maybe a coupla thousand miles a year, if that. It's a garage queen. But, not more than a coupla years after the build, I got some horrible squeaking in the front end. The dampers (shocks) are mounted with urethane bushings with a 1/2" through bolt in a sleeve. That works great at first, but a problem larger than squeaking presented itself. Just from the weight of the car, the urethane bushings experienced what's called cold flow. The sleeve had migrated upward through the bushing and in one place was in contact with the aluminum shock body! Chunks of urethane were sitting on the LCA.

I contacted TCP, and they reluctantly sent me a new set of bushings - same material, only not deformed, yet. I swapped them out, and everything was fine for a while. Unfortunately, the squeak is back. I haven't looked, but I bet the sleeves have again migrated through the bushings.

So, unless they've made some changes in these areas, I cannot recommend TCP. It's so close to a great system, but it's not there.

Had to do it today, I would go with SoT. I like parts of each system, and would ideally have a hybrid of the two.

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