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I'm doing an I6 conversion for a cruiser convertble and a Coyote conversion for a sportier cost-less-of-an-object fastback. I both cases, I also want a one-stop-shopping package that includes everything for the front-end.

Here are ballpark price comparisons for the two options I'm favoring...

* Street or Track base package: $3K
- Add $2K for 12" rotors and 4-piston calipers
- Add either...
- $1.2K for manual rack and pinion kit OR...
- Add $1K for new steering box plus misc linkages and parts
Total: about $6K

* Detroit Speed AlumaFrame: $7K
- Add $2K for 14" rotors and 6-piston calipers
Total: about $9K

I plan to use EPAS regardless, so power steering options are not included in either approach. But that's another $1.5K added for power steering. Going hydraulic costs about the same. Gosh this is an expensive hobby. I must be crazy.

While the cost difference is about $3K, the DSE setup provides a significant amount of exotic, sexy parts for the money. First, it's a complete tested package that includes everything I need. How much money and time will I save shipping assorted steering parts? Second, I really like C6 Corvette spindles due to their strength, light weight, better geometry, and larger brake options. Third, I really like the modern SLA geometry and the resulting camber gain specs. Fourth, the front frame gets a lot of added stiffness due to the beefy cast aluminum cross member yet adds minimal weight. The chief downsides to the DSE kit are just not-relevant for me: 17" wheels minimum and more work installing. I plan to use 18" wheels and the Alumaframe install is nothing compared to the rest of the work I need to do.

On the other hand, $3K goes a long way towards final paint or whatever. Does anyone care that a sunny day cruiser convertible has 14" disks and C6 Corvette spindles? I don't think so. I like the simple, light design for the SOT package while avoiding the MacPherson Strut path. I just wish SOT offered an integrated, engineered, and tested package so there's no need to piece-meal brakes, steering, linkages, etc. But that's a complaint common to all aftermarket vendors. About 99% of their customers just need one part, not The Whole Megillah like me. Ah well, I'll deal with it.

Move along. Nothing to see here.
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