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Frustrating performance

A little frustrated with the Mustangís performance last week. Very puzzled and hope I donít have multiple issues. The oil pump was jammed up for sure and the distributor sheared the timing gear. I tracked all that down to a cheap roller rocker that came apart (engine builder said it would be fine). Parts do fail though, even expensive ones. However inspection during tear down, I noticed inconsistencies in how the rollers moved, not a good sign after just 10 hrs. use. Beyond that there seemed to be electrical issues before the motor quit that I hope are related to the pump seizing, but I donít see how. The tach stopped working on several occasions and when the tach stopped, the oil pressure was good, but the motor was backfiring on deceleration and would not rev beyond what I estimate to be 5000 rpm. When the tach was working, 7K plus was no problem. MSD box tested good and distributor (MSD) tested good @ 570 ohms. During the weekend, pulling the rev limiter chip and re routing the coil wire seemed to help for a while. However after a spin out the issue seemed to return on and off until the motor finally quit on the last lap of the last session.

Other than that, all in all it was a great weekend. Pump jammed because one of the roller bearings got sucked up in the pump. Mains checked out good, probably thanks to the accusump doing it's job.

Any help would be appreciated.
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