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Originally Posted by rdnck1 View Post
Beautiful car! I agree with the others, do the conversion if your wanting to shift it yourself. A quick search in your area on craigs and facebook classifieds shows all kind of parts to consider. Get a car buddy/friend and knock it out over a few weekends. As others have pointed out, there is more to it than just getting the transmission so do your research.

Pedals and linkages
T-5 trans from wrecked 2002 GT $350

There are better deals out there but just for an idea.. Good luck, Jim
Hi Jim,
You are good at this stuff. All those parts you show are about 10 miles from me. My problem is time. I'm retired but I'm raising another family LOL. Baby sit for my 20 mon. old grand daughter 5 days a week. Building an art studio for my other daughter on the weekends and she is due in June. I'm 72 and beat by the end of the week and then start all over again on Mon. LOL
Thanks for all your help.
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