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Originally Posted by Rodney001 View Post

Do I need a new flywheel? Or if it was new before can I just get it resurfaced?
How old is your flywheel? How many times has it been cut? Any cracks? There is a service limit for cutting them. Each time you cut the wheel the clutch assembly moves closer to the engine and away from the clutch fork fulcrum. At some point you will reach a point where the range of travel will be compromised and will not be able to fully disengage the clutch. When you start to weigh the cost of cutting the wheel and a new ring gear youre going to be close in cost to that Speedway flywheel that is a quality billet steel SFI rated. Im running that one and its a very well made flywheel. The safety of your feet are worth not taking a chance on a old cast iron flywheel IMO.


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