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Someone did that to my 65 about 18 years ago. I used to live in SF and always parked in the same spot in this russian-mob run lot. One day some asshat took a big chip out of the door. The evidence was clear as my door paint was still on the edge of his door when i got to my car to encounter the damage.

I put my butt on the center console and repeatedly smashed my door into his piece of **** car will all my leg strength until i had completely caved in his door.

18 years on - I still get mad thinking about it. (Edit - holy crap 2001 was a long time ago)

In related news - classic mustang door edges are incredibly strong. I would have liked to use to guy's head to effect that damage - but the mustang door was all that was available in the moment.

Oh - and comically - I was de-facto banned from parking in downtown SF because all the parking lots were russian-mob run. So I had to start driving my wife's car to work.

(Certified Lunatic - Ask Wife)

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