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Originally Posted by BlakeTX View Post
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I was at rodeo goat in the 7th street area. It was late so wasn't crowded at all.

Some the best burgers in DFW I think, I frequent the one in Dallas.
Yeah that place is pretty great. M&O Station about a mile from there has AMAZING burgers too.

7th street makes sense. Lots and lots of people partying around there all the time. I'm willing to bet you can blame booze for that ding.
I have not heard of that one actually. Maybe I'll give that a shot on my way out today. My other fav grub spot is Heim in the magnolia area I believe? Near the hospitals. But that's barbecue.

If you're ever on the Dallas side (don't know if that's often, FW folks usually HATE going to Dallas) you should try Maple and Motor. It's the best burger in DFW in my opinion.

But anyways yah my fault for taking it out. But you've gotta find that balance or it'll be impossible to enjoy the car.
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