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Man, I almost hate that I love cars. My wife and I both love her 2011 Mustang, but as a DD **** happens. It was hail damaged 7, SEVEN months after we bought it. First new vehicle I ever bought. Got that fixed. Went a couple years and someone whacked it HARD right on that right rear quarter panel crease, made a spot as big as a 50 cent piece. It was so deep, it almost seemed like it was malicious. My PDR guy is usually really fair, but he had to charge me $100 for that one alone (he usually hooks me up for about $20/ding if they're easy to get to) it took him an hour, but he did great. Then a bird **** on the DS quarter, it was there for like A DAY and it stained the paint. WTF did that bird EAT? Then the hood started rusting from dissimilar metals (AL and steel) - Ford was no help. And most recently for no reason whatsoever a 2 inch chunk of paint flew off the PS quarter on top. My only guess is it was an old PDR repair spot or something got on the car at the factory. THEN the car was severely hail damaged again (to the tune of almost 9K) in 2017. And most recently some asshat backed into the PS rear bumper and drove away... For the love of God...

I hate that I love cars. I wish I didn't give a flying F, but I do.

Wife loves her car, it has low miles for a 2011 (73K). I have the hail repair cash still. The plan is to replace the rusty and hail damaged hood with a Cervini Stalker 2. I picked up a correct kona blue decklid without the XM hole and a new rear bumper. When my garage is finished this year she's getting a new midsize SUV, the Mustang will be fully repainted at a friend's shop, and relegated to weekend cruising only.

Sorry, that ended up long, I got on a roll. Sorry you car got screwed up. And Yes, a good PDR guy can get that. I've been using the same guy for 10 years. No matter how well I park, my stuff gets something done to it every couple of years. The dent on our 2011 Mustang was worst than that and right on a body line crease.

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