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Originally Posted by MedievaL View Post
I hoped it would be that simple. I was thinking it should be switched power instead of constant though. I don't guess it really matters does it?
Well, since it is recommended to park your vehicle in reverse a constant power source might not be best. LOL.

Since back-up lights were optional, your harness MAY have the necessary BLK/RED wires in the harness, adjacent to the wires to the NSS (or its jumper). If not, under the dash you should have a "triple tap" female bullet connector possibly in BLK/GRN from which you can run power to your T-5's backup light switch and then from the switch back into the passenger compartment and to the rear. If I were wiring from scratch, I'd use the "divot" immediately to the rear of the shifter hole to drill a 3/8" hole for a grommet and run the 2 wires through it, up the top of the tunnel under secure tape to under the dash, and the wire to the rear lamps over to the left kick panel and with the rest of the rear lamp wiring to the back, then through the OE location and grommet to the lamps.


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