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I’m so glad I stopped buying from them! I bought a item from them over the phone only shortly there after to find there was a internet sale on the item. The sales person never mentioned that to me. So I call back and was told by the owner “why should we tell you it’s on sale, we’d loose money”. Yes great customer service. You go to any store, if a item is going on sale they’ll tell you. Bought a set of MAC headers from them to pick up at their display at Carlisle. Go to pick them up, they sold them to someone. They were now out of stock. Waited weeks to get them. When I get them their packing was atrocious. It looked like they ran around their place looking for the pieces then dumped into a big box without any packing materials. It was amazing nothing missing in shipping. So I look at the headers, no way where they going to fit as they were for a Fox body. So I call them up and they insisted I had the correct headers. So I ask why do they have O2 bungs? Their response was that 66 Mustangs came with O2 sensors!

The best thing that could happen to CJPP is to go out of business! Almost ever order with them was problematic


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