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Hey VMF -

Getting the bung installed and an AFR meter. Getting it on the calendar for next week. Before spending anymore excess funds - going to see what is going on w/AFR. Seems like a logical to me and then a tune.

I decided to use the google machine and ask it how to build a 300+HP 302. Many recipes for this build. Looking at some them - it appears I've checked off several boxes.but I'm def CARB heavy. Will try and make it work (hate to loose the spend). Suppose I can roll back to my EDEL 600. Sitting in box in my garage.

And I'm checking out manufacturer websites for CAM/Lifter kits just in case.

### Quick Edit ###

Looking at Edelbrock page (since my top end is EDEL) and their CAM spec sheets and performance tests - I think I'm off of my CAM selection. My COMP specs don't match up to their "recommend" specs to achieve certain performance levels.

Also shot off an inquiry to COMP giving them my build specs.

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