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Originally Posted by 69bosssvt View Post
Unfortunately it is not just the "rust belt" anymore. Our roads in the mid-Atlantic are being treated with the "lines of death" every time the forecasters THINK we will get "weather" So now our car gets coated with salt based on a weatherman that is only right 10-15% of the time...

The worst part is that they mix it with beet juice in order for the coating to "stick" better...yea right to every nook and cranny on the underside of my car. There is no way to clean everywhere this crap reaches...ugh! WE ARE SCREWED...
That stuff is a total scam! If it does snow that crap makes for an instant sheet of ice instead of just a snow packed road. I'm not one for government conspiracies but the stupidity of that stuff is making me a believer.

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