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Different Rear window molding on fastbacks?

My 1965 fastback (February 16, 1965/San Jose) has 6 stainless pieces around the car's signature (large) rear glass. But at car shows I've seen fastbacks of the same year with 4-piece stainless molding around the rear window--2 straight pieces along the top that are joined together in the middle, and two pieces that run down the sides of the glass and curve inward towards each other at the bottom where they also join together in the middle of the glass. I didn't see an engineering change in the literature for this difference and I'm not sure how to explain it unless either the 6- or the 4-piece molding was aftermarket. CJ Pony offers a 4 piece aftermarket, but it's chrome, not stainless, and the 4-piece AND 6-piece sets I've seen at car shows were definitely stainless, not chrome. Has anyone noticed this and come up with an explanation for the differences? Thanks, Evans...
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