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More Tires and Wheels, but a Ranchero?

I have been searching around and reading everyone’s opinions about tires and wheels, there is a lot of discussion. I have parts ordered to do some mostly steering improvements but, planning on the Shelby Drop, as well as a brake master cylinder upgrade.

It’s not a Mustang but it does have the heart of a mustang as it is a 1965 Ranchero.
After some additional thought I am going to go ahead and get tires and wheels as well rather than wait until later. Dropping quite a bundle but I think it is best to do what I can now.

I am going pretty conservative with the tire and wheel size I think, 15x7 Cragar SS with BF Goodrich Radial TAs 215/60R15. I mostly just cruise around feeling cool lol, but I do want the vehicle to stay a little better planted (and in my lane) when I am in a knee dragging mood. Currently I have 14x6 wheels with 185/70R14 tires.

This is the first set of wheels I have ever bought, so it took me a good long while to figure out the offset / backspace relationship but I understand now. There is only two spec SS wheels available in a 15x7 so not such a huge decision to be made. One with zero offset and 4” backspacing and the other with +3mm offset and 4 1/8” backspace. I think moving the wheel out with the 4” backspacing makes the most sense, but discussion about that is basically why I started the thread.

I have Granada components hanging out up front but they are in need of refreshing, so the plan is new calipers and a smaller bore master cylinder for the brakes and replacing just about all parts that have a bearing/ball joint in the steering and suspension with new mostly stock parts. It appears the previous owner drilled for the upper a-arm drop, but for some reason didn’t use the holes. I have power steering so we are going with a Borgeson Box and replacing most everything else.

I am also curious about the ride height change due to the Shelby Drop. I suppose it is best to due the planned updates and measure the change in height. Maybe that way I can decide if I should lower the rear a little bit too?

Kinda wordy.

Thanks for any input, Frank S.
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