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interior painting help

Hi all,

I've read through past threads about interior painting and what products to use, but those were a few years back and I'm not sure if there are new projects or tips out there so I thought I'd just do a new post. I need help on exactly what products I need and exactly what process to follow.

I am planning on painting both the metal and plastic interior pieces of my car soon. I think I need different products for the plastic v. metal?

For the metal pieces - I'm planning on painting the rear panels along the bench seat, the metal portion of the dash and my doors. I already have wire hand brushes and Ospho because I need to get tiny little rust spots off of the metal panels before I can paint. I've tested a small portion and it is seeming like if I wipe Ospho on the metal then gently wire brush over it I'm getting the rust off. Doesn't seem to be damaging the grain. So unless I hear any objections, I think I'll continue with that first process on the rest of the rear panels, dash and doors. I also have 2 rattle cans of the AccuMatch interior paint from CJPP (I know I"ll need more cans, just not sure how many). I do NOT yet have stripper, acetone or primer. Which brands of those products should I get and what is the process I should use them in?

For the plastic/vinyl - I'm planning on trying to paint most of these items as well to save some money. If I screw them up I can always order new ones. I also already have 2 rattle cans of the AccuMatch interior dye (and yes I'll need more cans of this dye, too). I'm planning on painting the side kick panels, the visors, the door panels, and dash pad. Just need to know if I need any more products for these items and also what process to follow.

I'm a newbie with all car related things so elementary language and detailed descriptions would be much, much appreciated.

Thanks all!

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