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Quick update team VMF

Installed an AFR Gauge/Bung/Sensor (Wideband). Car is with my mechanic now. AFR during WOT is running at 12.1.

Found this on the google machine:

For typical engines, the range or ratios is:

A/F Characteristics
5 Rich burn limit. Combustion is weak and/or erratic.
6-9 Extremely rich. Black smoke and low power.
10-11 Very rich. Some supercharged engines run in this range at full power as
a means of controlling detonation.
12-13 Rich. Best power A/F for normally aspirated WOT.
14-15 Chemically ideal. At 14.6 the A/F is at the theoretical ideal ratio
with no excess fuel or oxygen after combustion. Good A/F target for part
throttle cruise and light to moderate acceleration.
16-17 Lean. Best fuel economy A/F ratio. Borderline for part throttle
drivability (worse than borderline if EGR is used).
18-19 Very lean. Usual lean limit (Driveability).
20-25 Lean burn limit. Varies with engine.

Based on my build - does the above apply or do you all think I'm running to rich WOT. Recall that based on my dyno sheet - I'm dropping off around 5200 RPM and trying to solve that problem.


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