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Originally Posted by VTOWheels View Post
Hello everyone, VTO wheels is considering bringing in a new wheel styled after the classic Trans-Am Mustang. Thoughts?
Sex sells but that sexy boss nor the blond is selling that to me
Originally Posted by jgrote View Post
I don't hate it, but there would need to be some way to finish off the center hub hole.
Originally Posted by NEFaurora View Post
Looks like a Bad Mini-Lite knock-off.. Kinda boring..

Not a fan..

Keep designing...
Gotta go with Tony on this (rare) not a fan
Originally Posted by BlakeTX View Post
Don’t worry about Tony, he hates everything.

I think it looks pretty cool. Problem is, there are two timeless classics from Trans Am Racing (torq thrust/minilites) that garner the most attention. You may be on to something though for those that want something different.

I’d be interested in seeing the silver/gray options.
See above ,not feeling it
Originally Posted by CJM68GT390 View Post
While wheels are far, far down my list of upgrades, I’d suggest a vintage torq-thrust style in various sizes with correct offsets for vintage Mustangs. Maybe 15x7, 16x8, 17x8. To repeat, with correct offsets.
Originally Posted by Steven Ramage View Post
A 15x7 Torque Thrust with 4.25BS
and this
Originally Posted by GypsyR View Post
These wheels make me think of VW's for some reason. They seem a bit blocky and heavy looking. Not to my taste either I'm afraid.
I got a Chrysler vibe from them
call me but I like my spokes evenly dividable by my lug nuts

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