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Iíve run a few different pumps and fuel line designs using carbs, Iím currently running FAST fuel injection. What I came to know in making the transition is that a return line adds life to the pump by allowing it circulate the fuel (keeping the pump cooler) rather than having the pump working into what is almost a dead end. So thatís number one, cooler pump by recycling with a return line. Barry Grant used to have information on this on his web site, not sure if itís still there, in fact Iím not sure if Barry Grant is still in business. BG also has the fuel log for the return line, youíd also need to change to a different regulator, simple huh? Lol. So there are a few things to do, but your pumps will live a longer healthier life.

Another thing I came to realize in the conversion is that, a pump is happier in the fuel cell and using the fuel itself to help cool the pump. Plus it does away with mounting issues. If your using a fuel cell that requires bladder replacement every three or five years like mine (mine is 5), you might consider converting to an in tank pump with the next replacement. You can order direct from Fuel Safe and they will do everything, all youíll have to do is connect lines and power.

There are also several manufacturers making in tank pumps that you simply drill a big hole in the top of the tank and screw down their pump. This assumes you donít have a FIA bladder style design. Thatís a Simple way to solve the issue as well, I canít recall if they are dead end pumps or return line designs. Just an idea.

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