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Starter motor weirdness

Brief description of the issue:

1. 65 Mustang that I drive weekly made a grinding noise when I tried to start it first time (for the week).
2. Second attempt to start it was successful and there was no grinding noise. Drove it to the store and turned it off. Nothing abnormal during driving.
3. Started it up to come home with no issue or grinding.
4. Park it in the garage and shut it off. Attempt to start it again and this time the starter spins but the motor doesn't.
5. Ordered new PA Performance PMGR starter and installed it according to instructions with extra wire and moving original wire to the positive side of the solenoid. New starter does the exact same thing - spins but doesn't engage.
6. Ordered new starter solenoid (fender wall) and installed it. Same exact results.

I've tested voltage on my battery and it is 12.5 Volts at rest. No changes to the vehicle recently. The starter and solenoid I replaced had been working for 10 years with no issues.

EDIT: checked flywheel teeth and they looked decent. Have rotated engine with a wrench in case teeth were bad in one area.

Any ideas?

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