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Originally Posted by erials View Post
I looked at the 2 starters listed on the PA Perf site and these appear to be custom and I could not find any details regarding dimensions or starter drive action distance on the site.

In my case, I used the stock style rebuilt starters that auto zone showed at the time. I was only looking to solve the flywheel engagement/ grinding problem I was having.

In comparing the manual to the automatic starter on the counter at the store, it seemed that the nose on the automatic starter extended just slightly more than the manual. This is what made me try the one listed for A/Tís. Since youíre going the aftermarket performance route I canít say definitively that either of the starters listed on their site are going to solve your issue. The other starter may be the answer I just canít say for sure.

Might be worth a call to them to see if they can provide details that will confirm one way or the other. Sorry Iím not more helpful.
The problem is Ford swapped starters around depending upon car lines, models, options and other factors, but a bigger problem is that parts have gotten mixed and matched over the last 50+ years.

From the factory, Mustangs are fairly easy - 65-68 289 used the deeper "automatic" starter for all transmissions as they both used a 157th flywheel/flexplate. Beginning with the 302 in '68, they used the 164th flywheel which used the shallower "manual" starter, as the ring gear was on the "front" of the flywheel. Automatics still retained the deeper "automatic" starter. This carried through '73 with all 302, 351W & 351C engines.

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