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Originally Posted by jgrote View Post
I'm in the same boat, and about to order EFI. I was sure I wanted the Fitech unit when I first started researching. However, after all the research I've done, I've changed my mind to the Holley. Both use of the shelf sensors, but I'm more concerned with parts like ECU's and controllers in 10 years. From what I've found, their tech support is second to none. For an extra $100, that's worth it to me.
I'm surprised to see that the MSI unit is never really discussed when the EFIs are brought up. Always seems the discussions are Fitech vs. Sniper.
I was talked into the MSI by my builder because for 2 reasons.
1) he didn't like the idea that more of the electronics were built into the throttle body and with the MSI he can keep it protected from heat in the glove box
2) he likes the idea of having the hand held unit that quick connects into the unit to calibrate/setup. He has someone that seems to know the ins and outs of the MSI unit really well

He has worked with them all, he just seems to have a preference for the MSI
Why the lack of love?...curious
I understand that Holley now owns MSI

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