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Originally Posted by 67CustomStang View Post
I'm surprised to see that the MSI unit is never really discussed when the EFIs are brought up. Always seems the discussions are Fitech vs. Sniper.
I was talked into the MSI by my builder because for 2 reasons.
1) he didn't like the idea that more of the electronics were built into the throttle body and with the MSI he can keep it protected from heat in the glove box
2) he likes the idea of having the hand held unit that quick connects into the unit to calibrate/setup. He has someone that seems to know the ins and outs of the MSI unit really well

He has worked with them all, he just seems to have a preference for the MSI
Why the lack of love?...curious
I understand that Holley now owns MSI
I'm assuming you mean the MSD Atomic? I looked at that when I was deciding on an EFI solution and there were several reasons that I decided against it.
1) It was, at the time, much more expensive. I have no idea how the price compares now.
2) I didn't like the idea of having an external ECU. Another box to mount somewhere didn't appeal to me.
3) The fitech that I wound up with also has a handheld controller. The sniper does as well, but Holley hadn't come out with the sniper yet at the time
4) I had bought an MSD transmission controller for my 4R70W transmission and it never worked correctly. It absolutely would not read the range sensor, no matter what I did and when I tried to find support for the TCU there was none available, anywhere.

That last one was what soured me on anything MSD. I blew several hundred dollars on a trans controller that now sits in a box in my garage that neither MSD nor holley, their new owner, supports. I probably wouldn't use anything MSD if you gave it to me. If it works for you, that's great, and its awesome that it does, but you wouldn't catch me using one.

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