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Originally Posted by GypsyR View Post
MANY a time I have "started" a job on a Friday. Starting might involve putting up a job/permit board. Marking a bunch of stuff. Getting some equipment on site. Basically doing everything you can to have the site ready for when the lower paid labor piles in on Monday. The idea being to get the whole place to where the only thing lacking is warm bodies. Thus giving the foreman/supervisor/crew leader a head start on the nullifying at least most of the excuses for why the warm bodies couldn't start actually doing something productive. Those of you who have run a crew of people doing about anything are probably saying "Oh yeah!" while those who have not might not get this.
Though I'm no longer in construction I still do this to some extent in the shop at work. On Fridays and every day.
Congrats, you're an anomaly...If you think this man is expecting a board to be put up on his job site on Friday, maybe you should read the thread...


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