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They already did the rebar see the prior pic's. The blocks with an X marked on them are to indicate where the rebar is for the inspector.
It is code that every 3rd block, or 4 feet, get rebar. Up to 3 course high, or more. Then inspected. Then it gets grouted in, and more rebar installed where needed for more courses.
Then. Back fill and more inspection.
After that Plumbing for the sewer, water, and gas. Then Plumbing inspection. Then the pad will be poured 6 inches with steel mesh reinforcement. Like the picture above.
I do not know about the L block.
He wanted to start 6 inch block for the next 3 course of block to get a lip around the perimeter of the slab.
Because this block is currently above the finish floor height, by a few inches. I do not exactly know how he intends to do the slab.
This is a conversation I will have with him the moment I see him.
Technically speaking. He can go 2 feet above the lot's front curb to meet city code. This is the code for the grade of the yard.
I was given special instruction for this to be less. To be at 1.5 feet grade. Because I have house basement window sills to contend with. If the garage finished floor height is too high, the future new drive way grade would be too high, and end up being over the house's basement window sills.
This is a concern for me.
It is no big deal if the slab floor is floating.

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