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Which car should I focus on?? Opinions wanted

I know they say opinions are like a******s, but Id like to hear what you guys think about my predicament. Heres my current situation- Im itching to start a project and I have a couple options that I want to get opinions on. Im posting this in the mod and custom section because that is the direction i want to go with which ever car i decide to do. Heres the cars;

1966 coupe- Bought this car in high school as a T code, did a very basic 302 & 4 speed swap. Replaced suspension, brakes, rear, etc to mostly stock. The body and paint are in decent shape, frame is good.

1967 S code GTA fastback- My dad bought this car about 16 years ago and it had been restored mostly to stock. Paint and body are decent, frame is good. He is letting me do whatever I want with it as it will be my money going into fixing it up and the car will be mine

1967 fastback Eleanor rolling shell- A close family friend is offering to sell me his unfinished eleanor project. Body and paint are completely finished, high dollar paint and body kit. Has coilover front suspension and leaf w/9" rear. Shelby Baer brakes. No engine or trans or interior. Would have to sell the 66 and 67 to buy this project.

Whichever route i go, I want to go with a full coilover suspension, most likely SoT, mini tubs, 4 wheel disc brakes, rack and pinion steering. If i do the 67 gt, I would like to have that 390 re built to around 500hp. If i do the 66 or the eleanor, id go with a small block stroker. TKO 600 5 speed trans for all three options.

Thanks for reading the nonsense thats going on in my brain right now. What would you do

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