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Thanks everyone; additional info requested is as follows:

Coup: Distributor is Mallory. No problems with PCV blowing out, but I haven't had it running yet either. It only fires for me. Plug wires are correct, and all cylinders firing; timing is close enough.

Matter: Yep, bowl is full of gaso. Pretty evident of vacuum problem which is why I tackled the valves. Could kick myself for not observing valves opening and closing prior to removal. I have soaked and scubbed carb twice and cleared all passageways, new gaskets, complete rebuild.

Chuck: My distributor doesn't have the advance vacuum valve on the stem; actually their is a fitting on the stem for the canister, but it is capped.

I'm going to mock up the heads and see what the valves say. Anyone know of a good lifter test besides watching the valves open and close? Any other ideas why she ain't suckn no gas down in her?
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