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I'm a civil engineer, I've done lab testing on concrete beams in college with and without rebar and with it in the top, middle, and bottom (as common sense would apply, it was completely useless in the top and had a marginal affect in the middle, but was super strong with the steel on the bottom - all with a load applied to the top of the beam). Very cool to see the real world results/applications.

I also tested concrete and soil as a field tech before I became a design engineer. The field and lab work is fun for about 6 months, then... not so much.

Also, another interesting note on concrete, on average *most* compressive strength tests were +/-500+ PSI above advertised strength (some were well over 1.000), because if something fails, it has to be removed and redone. That was all commercial, not sure if the same would apply for residential, never had to test for them.

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